Common breakfast

Shared breakfast

Our breakfast offer is best for groups from 10 to around 20 people. Cold and warm breakfast dishes are served on platters, for everyone to share. Together with food, you will also get jugs of cold drinks and coffee or tea to choose from. You can also choose an option with the additional serving of our homemade cakes.



Scrambled eggs with chives

Frankfurter sausages

Crunchy bacon

Baked tomatoes

A bowl of porridge

A plate of pancakes served with maple syrup

A platter of veggies (tomatoes, cucumbers, chives, radishes, salad, peppers)

A platter of fruit, muesli, yogurt, jam, honey and warm milk

Warm graham rolls

Onion bread



COFFEE / TEA – two drinks per person


Water and juice served in jugs – 0,4 litre per person


PRICE: 30 PLN per person