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Restaurant - Café - Poznań

Welcome to Ptasie Radio

Restaurant - Café in the heart of Poznan

Poznań, 74 Kościuszki Street, Ptasie Radio Restaurant-Café, situated in the heart of the city, near the monumental Imperial Castle and the Main Post Office of Poznań. You can drop by for a breakfast, dinner or lunch, have a sip of great coffee and try our delicious, homemade cakes or any other hearty dishes. It?s a perfect place for a peaceful evening with atmospheric music and a glass of good wine.

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Business and family dinners

Our offer for a family dinner or a business meetings usually includes a soup and a main dish, cold drinks served in jugs and a dessert with a cup of coffee or tea. You can also choose an option with starters and wine included.

Common breakfast

Our breakfast offer is best for groups from 10 to around 20 people. Cold and warm breakfast dishes are served on platters, for everyone to share. Together with food, you will also get jugs of cold drinks and coffee or tea to choose from. You can also choose an option with the additional serving of our homemade cakes.

Christmas party

In the Christmas time, we?d love to invite your for a Christmas dinner party. Our restaurant is magical this time of the year! You can spend some quality time with your beloved ones tasting our delicious wine. Each of the guests will get a sweet little Christmas gift from us as well!

Celebration dinner

We take a great delight in focusing on even the smallest details when organising such extraordinary events for you. The room is tastefully decorated with fresh flowers, candles and decorative napkins. We specialise in that kind of events, so if you?re interested, let?s talk about the menu and start the party!

Romantic dinner

Amazing food, paired with a glass of delicious wine that our waiting staff will eagerly suggest for you. If you wish to buy it as a gift for someone special, we can provide you with a beautiful voucher.